How often can you drink Ivan tea? Can I drink Ivan tea before bed?

How often can you drink Ivan tea? Can I drink Ivan tea before bed?

Those who have already appreciated the taste qualities and naturalness of the tea drink made from fireweed plant are wondering how to drink fireweed tea properly to derive noticeable health benefits. Among such questions is whether it's possible to drink fireweed tea before bed, for example, during an evening tea party? And also, how often can fireweed tea be consumed?

Can I drink Ivan tea before bed? 

To avoid unpleasant consequences, follow the measure: it is better to limit yourself to three cups of tea a day. And after a month of daily use of fireweed, take a break.

Please note that the drink based on Ivan tea cannot be combined with some medications. Fireweed has an antipyretic and sedative effect, which means that combination with medications can cause complications. If the attending physician writes a prescription, immediately check whether the medications can be taken with fireweed.

How often can you drink Ivan tea?

Here it would be appropriate to once again compare fireweed tea with ordinary black or green tea. In one of our articles, we have already compared willow herb tea with regular subtropical tea. In the chemical composition of ordinary tea, there is a substance belonging to alkaloids - caffeine. The action of caffeine has a stimulating effect on our nervous system: the nervous system enters a state of excitement. Therefore, after a cup of strong tea, we may feel an increase in mental or physical performance. Such an effect is undesirable, for example, after a tense working day when the nervous system has been subjected to stress.

If we talk about the alkaloid content in the chemical composition of fireweed tea, then the content of alkaloids in the plant is negligible - the maximum amount of alkaloids can reach only 0.1%. Thus, fireweed tea does not have a stimulating effect; on the contrary, the substances in its chemical composition have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Fireweed tea has a mild sedative effect since it reduces the excitability of the nervous system and reduces the nervous state that interferes with peaceful falling asleep.

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