Ivan tea vs black or green tea. Which is better and healthier?

Ivan tea vs black or green tea. Which is better and healthier?

Chemical Composition of tea – it's a complex of various substances that determine the taste, aroma, and tonic effects. One of such substances present both in regular subtropical tea and in Ivan-tea is a group of alkaloids. Alkaloids are found in plants in very small quantities, yet they have a significant effect.

In terms of alkaloid content, regular tea contains from 1 to 5%. Theophylline, lecithin, diuretin, theobromine, hypoxanthine – are just some of the compounds included in tea.

Disclaimer: Ivan tea is not a medicine. Do not use Ivan tea to treat any disease or medical condition. Do not use fireweed tea as a substitute for medication prescribed by your doctor. If you have questions about whether you can drink Ivan tea and whether it can help your condition, first consult with your doctor.

Black and green tea

The main alkaloid in regular tea can be considered caffeine. Caffeine gives tea its specific bitterness and determines its tonic effect. Caffeine in tea is present in a bound form – together with tannins. This compound is called "theine". Theine's action on the nervous system is primarily stimulating: after drinking a cup of strong tea, we may feel an increase in performance, both mental and physical. However, theine acts much softer compared to caffeine.

Other alkaloids in regular tea have a beneficial effect and are even successfully used in the treatment of various diseases, as well as included in pharmaceutical preparations (diuretin, aminophylline, and others).

Among the list of "good" alkaloids, there is an exception. If the tea brew has been standing or boiling for a long time, an alkaloid called guanidine is released, which is toxic and affects our nervous system with its action.


If we rely on the works of scientists who have devoted time to pharmacological research, it can be stated that the maximum amount of alkaloids in Ivan-tea can reach only 0.1%.

Moreover, the alkaloids present in Ivan-tea have a calming effect rather than a stimulating one. A anticonvulsant effect is also noted.

Modern scientific research confirms the fact that Ivan-tea or narrow-leaved fireweed is an absolutely safe plant, and its use brings only tangible benefits to our body.

Ivan tea vs black or green tea. What's better?

Feature Traditional black or green tea Ivan tea
Where and how it grows

Plant cultivated by man. It mainly grows in Asia, Africa and the southern regions. Exclusively imported raw materials

A wild, hardy plant. It grows in the temperate climate zone, is widespread in Europe
The use of chemical fertilizers

When growing tea bushes, chemical fertilizers and artificial growth stimulants are actively used. Greenpeace states that almost all types and varieties of Chinese and Indian tea contain toxic pesticides: methomyl, carcinogen dicofol, endosulfan

Unpretentious, grows on its own, growth requires only light and moisture. When growing willow tea, fertilizers and pesticides are not used
Caffeine content

Can be addictive
Does not contain addictive substances

Effect on sleep
May cause insomnia due to its composition
Does not cause insomnia. When used before bedtime, it gently calms the nervous system, helps to fall asleep, makes sleep even and deep

Oxalic acid content (it is moderately toxic, can cause metabolic disorders in the body)

Contains oxalic acid Does not contain oxalic acid
Vitamin C content

Contains a small dose of vitamin C

Contains 3-5 times more vitamin C than lemon
Saving useful properties after brewing

Quickly loses useful properties after brewing. Repeated brewing is not allowed and is considered harmful

Retains aroma and nutrients for 72 hours after brewing. Ivan tea leaves can be brewed up to three times without loss of properties
Taste qualities

Few people like black or green tea without additives. Very often, artificial flavors are added to it

Delicious even without added sugar. With Ivan tea, artificial flavors and dyes are not used
Side effects

Has many side effects. Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation, with diseases of the stomach and intestines, as well as for young children

It has no side effects except in rare cases of individual allergies. Does not irritate the digestive system. You can drink even small children, pregnant and lactating women
Impact on teeth

May cause darkening of tooth enamel

Does not affect the color and condition of the teeth
Can it be drunk cold?

Not recommended due to side effects

Allowed without consequences
How many cups can you drink per day?

Doctors do not recommend drinking more than 3-4 cups a day

No restrictions
Interaction with drugs and pills

Doctors forbid taking pills and medicines with black tea

Doesn't interact with medications used
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